Almost two-thirds of young people watch less reality TV than before

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  • On the occasion of the 20 years of reality TV, “20 Minutes” offers a series of articles on this phenomenon which has shaken the small screen.
  • Our study #MoiJeune 20 Minutes – OpinionWay shows that 18-30 year olds are all aware of the first reality TV shows.
  • If nearly a third of young people now watch reality TV shows, a decrease in enthusiasm has been noted: for two years, 62% of young people who still watch reality TV say they watch rather less than before.

Since its arrival on the screen, reality TV has become, whether we like it or not, essential in the French audiovisual landscape. So on the occasion of this year of the 20 years of Loft Story, of the star Academy and of all these first TV shows of a new genre, we asked a few questions on the subject of 18-30 year olds, to whom reality television programs are aimed in particular.

According to our study #MoiJeune 20 minutes – OpinionWay *, almost all of the 18-30 year olds surveyed have heard of the first reality TV shows (from Loft Story at Bachelor Passing by Nice People or the island of temptation) and nearly nine out of ten people know who Loana is. Of those who have watched them, 51% are nostalgic for these shows (completely or a little).

43% of women watch reality TV compared to 18% of men

What about their consumption of reality TV today? Almost a third of young people watch reality TV shows, with however a clear difference (as in all the results of the survey) between men (who watch them at 18%) and women (43%).

Among those who watch these shows at least once a week, it is (for 34%) the bursts of tears and other cable shocks that they prefer, followed by the discovery of dream places (at 28%) and the challenges physical / top athletes (24%). We think in particular of Koh Lanta and other adventure shows.

Young people don’t want to participate

We can still see a decrease in enthusiasm for these shows: for two years, 62% of young people who still watch reality TV say they watch rather less than before. The reasons ? 54% think that the state of mind has changed, 52% no longer like these shows, 44% no longer have the time or 41% consider that it is no longer their age.

Still according to our study, more than half of 18-30 year olds find these programs “heartbreaking” or “stupid”. Nine out of ten young people would not like to participate in a reality show.

“Generation Loana” worse than “generation Covid”

So we played the game of “you prefer” (which some journalists from 20 minutes particularly fond). Well, young people are rather divided if they had to choose between “participating in the Marseillais for two weeks” (52%) and “being confined for six months” (47%). But nearly two-thirds of them fear the end of TikTok more than that of reality TV.

Also, two in three young people find that being referred to as the “Loana generation” is worse than being referred to as the “Covid generation”. We promise, then we’ll find a better name for our series of articles on reality TV next time!

If you are between 18 and 30 years old, you can participate in the “#MoiJeune” project, a series of surveys launched by 20 minutes and built with and for young people. All the info for register online here.

* Study #MoiJeune 20 Minutes – OpinionWay conducted online on March 25, 2021 with a representative sample of 698 young people aged 18 to 30 (quota method).



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