All about “1994 PC1”, the “potentially dangerous” asteroid that will cross the earth on January 18

Classified “potentially dangerous” by NASA because of its size, this asteroid should pass very far from us, 1.93 million kilometers from the earth.

It is an old acquaintance of astronomers who will pass close to the earth on January 18th. Its nickname: 1994 PC1. An asteroid whose first observations date back to 1974.

An asteroid well known to astronomers

Due to its size – more than a kilometer – this very large rock has been classified as “potentially dangerous” by NASA. A normal procedure since this size corresponds to the “critical disaster threshold if it fell on Earth”, specifies Patrick Michel, asteroid specialist at the CNRS, in the columns of West France.

Rest assured, 1994 PC1 does not pose a direct threat to our planet. On January 18, it should pass very far from us, 1.93 million kilometers from the earth, five times the average distance between the Earth and the precise Moon. 20 minutes.

A curiosity but not a threat

Still, this passage near the blue planet is a small event for astronomers and star gazing enthusiasts. But it will take patience and a bit of technique to observe it. Its lack of luminosity will require the use of a telescope of at least six inches.

Another solution, connect on January 18 on the project’s website Virtual Telescope. And if you miss, see you in 84 years!

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