Alison Jackson’s “Fake Truth”: The Power of Deception

Is Princess Diana giving us the middle finger? And is that really Donald Trump, who is trying to acquire language skills with the book “Russian for Dummies”? Photo artist Alison Jackson deals with the thin line between truth and fiction in her series “Fake Truth”.

In around 75 photographs and video works, the Briton has dealt with the question of how quickly we allow ourselves to be led astray and take something at face value. Jackson’s trick: She uses look-alikes who look confusingly like well-known celebrities and has these doubles perform actions that real stars would be capable of. In doing so, she makes the viewer ponder whether photography really always depicts objective reality.

“Alison Jackson. Fake Truth” can be seen at the IPFO House of Photography in Olten, Switzerland, until February 19, 2023. More on the organizer’s website

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