Alice Betto vs Nicole van der Kaay – a shit storm follows a horror fall

Watch the video: Triathlete causes team member to fall violently – fans react completely differently than the athletes.

Dramatic moments in the women’s race in the Triathlon Super League.

Alice Betto collides with her teammate Nicole van der Kaay on the Toulouse bike course. This is thrown violently into the track barrier.

Van der Kaay shared a video of the accident a day later on Instagram with the following words:

“My race ended early but with no broken bones, just a broken heart. *This video does not show everything. It was an accident, unfortunately accidents happen in races. We pick ourselves up, lick our wounds and prepare for the next race. Mistakes happen, be kind.”

Her Italian teammate Alice Betto has been accused by many fans of intentionally tripping the New Zealand driver. Another video shows the visibly upset Betto talking to van der Kaay after the race. She explains they touched before – a moment not seen in the video. This caused her to stagger and accidentally tripped van der Kaay.

Van der Kay was not injured in the violent fall. The two athletes have made their peace with the incident. Not so the fans. Betto continues to be abused on social media.

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