Aldi raises the minimum wage: employees will receive 14 euros in the future

High cost of living
Aldi increases minimum wage to 14 euros

Aldi employees will in future receive a minimum wage of 14 euros

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Aldi is reacting to the increased cost of living and will pay its employees a minimum wage of 14 euros in the future.

The discounter Aldi will increase the minimum wage for its employees in Germany from 12.50 to 14 euros from June. The retail chain is reacting to the current wave of price increases, Aldi Süd announced on Tuesday. “Everything is currently becoming more expensive, and of course the employees feel that too.” The sister company Aldi Nord is also raising the minimum wage in step, said a company spokesman. The “Lebensmittel Zeitung” had previously reported on it.

The minimum wage at Aldi will therefore continue to be well above the statutory minimum wage, which will only increase to EUR 10.45 in July 2022. Competitor Lidl has also regularly raised the minimum wage in recent years. The lower wage limit at the Neckarsulm discounter is currently 12.50 euros.

Wage increase not only at Aldi

In the UK, two of the largest retailers are reacting to the soaring cost of living not only with wage increases, but also with price cuts. The Morrisons chain is reducing prices on more than 100 main products, as reported by the trade journal The Grocer. At the same time, the number four in the British market is increasing wages by 4.5 percent.

Competitor Asda plans to take similar steps. “Comprehensive steps” therefore provide for price reductions of an average of 12 percent for a range of fresh foods, but also rice, pasta, soft drinks and frozen products. Britain’s number three also wants to increase the wages of 120,000 hourly workers to £10.10 an hour from July – that’s 60p more than the statutory minimum wage for over-23s. Bonus payments and other financial benefits are also planned, reported “The Grocer”.


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