Alcohol in the pandemic: “The problems begin beyond addiction” – Panorama

With the pandemic, drinking has shifted from the pub to the sofa. At home, people drink less excessively, but more often. How serious is that? A conversation about self-deception and the dangers of habitual drinking.

Interviewed by

Violetta Simon

Stress, loneliness, boredom, frustration: there are many reasons why people drink, especially in times of Corona. The youngest Global Drug Survey according to more than 40 percent of respondents worldwide who said they have been drinking more since the pandemic. A survey the KKH commercial health insurance company confirms the impression for Germany: excessive binge drinking has decreased and with it the number of alcohol poisonings. In return, many people now consume moderately but regularly alcohol. Is the glass of wine in the evening appropriate as a cultivated form of relaxation? Or is the pandemic turning us into a nation of local Pichlers? The psychologist Carolin Kilian researches alcohol consumption at the Technical University of Dresden with a focus on global alcohol epidemiology and warns against playing down alcohol.

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