Airbnb CEO Says Users’ No. 1 Request Is to Book Accommodations With Crypto

Recently, CEO Brian Chesky posted on Twitter to reveal that “Crypto Accommodation Booking” is the number one user request for this year.

On January 3rd, Chesky asked his Twitter followers for suggestions related to Airbnb, after reading thousands of tweets, he concluded that crypto was clearly the leader, followed by clear pricing, a loyalty program. For the guests, update the cleaning fee. and improve customer service

Chesky said he had seen various token offerings. This means that the payment item Airbnb’s future cryptocurrency will not be limited to one or two tokens.

Airbnb currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.

Earlier in September Chesky Tell Fox Businessthat Airbnb has received many requests for cryptocurrency payments.

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