Air pollution: Londoners are told not to exercise on Friday

air pollution
Londoners are not to exercise outdoors on Friday

For Friday, the British Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs issued the highest warning level for central London (symbol image)

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London expects the worst air quality in four years by the end of the week. Mayor Sadiq Khan issued a warning to the population and called for a more decisive fight against climate change.

With the end of massive contact restrictions, cars have also returned to London’s streets. As London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced at the beginning of the week, the number of vehicles on the road in recent months was similar to that before the pandemic.

The inhabitants of the British metropolis are now feeling the ecological consequences first hand. After all, the poor air quality is having an increasing impact on everyday life in the big city. The government has called on seniors and people with heart and lung conditions not to do strenuous tasks on Friday. Even healthy Londoners shouldn’t exercise outdoors.

Biggest air pollution in four years

The reason for the bad air quality is a high pressure area over western Europe. In combination with the slow air circulation in the big city, this weather phenomenon means that the car exhaust fumes are not blown away, but remain in circulation for a longer period of time. If you stay in the dirty air for too long, you could suffer health problems.

The government forecast the highest possible level of pollution for Friday and issued a warning for the elderly and those suffering from asthma. The last time such a warning had to be issued was in March 2018.

The Mayor of London issues a warning

In the meantime, the Covid 19 pandemic has caused many Britons to suffer from a disease that particularly affects the functions of the lungs. Even recovered and healthy people should therefore not do any sport on Friday. Especially if they show symptoms such as coughing or a dry throat. In the course of the weekend, the situation will probably ease up a bit and the air quality will return to a normal level.

Sadiq Khan is nonetheless concerned: “If we don’t intensify our efforts now for a green and sustainable future, one health crisis will follow another. All because of dirty air and congested roads.”

sources: Guardians, Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs


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