Agüero reassuring after his little discomfort in full live Twitch

Sergio Aguero is fine. The former Argentine striker, who had to put an end to his career due to heart problems, worried many of his followers on Twitch, his new favorite ground, Thursday evening. Victim of a slight discomfort while he was live on streamer Ibai Llanos’ channel, the “Kun” put his hand on his heart before saying, with a smile and a lot of lightness: “I believe… I think I had a mini-arrhythmia. »

The Argentinian quickly came to his senses and recalled that he was equipped with a chip capable of triggering an alarm in the event of a real heart problem. He even gave a live demonstration of the system. A little later, Agüero posted a story on his networks to reassure his audience.

“There is nothing to worry about. It was bullshit, the doctors told me that everything is fine and there are no problems. I’m calm, I’m still here, “said Sergio Agüero.

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