Agriculture – New elections at the Farmers’ Association – District of Munich

New elections are pending in the Bavarian Farmers’ Association (BBV), and the Munich district board is already beating all the bars and calling on all BBV members, whether farm managers, farm successors or “contractors”, to stand for election. We are looking for committed men and women for the local and district level, for work in the district up to the state level. “Active board memberships at local and district level are the fertilizer of our work for Bavarian agriculture,” says district farmer Christine Singer. All women from member companies can also get involved in the rural women’s group and take on an office. The elections start in autumn at the local level, in January and February 2022 district farmers, chairmen and district boards will be elected. In March, the district farmer and district president are put to the vote, followed by the election of the president and the country’s farmer in May.


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