After the passage of BRAV-M on the Hanouna plateau, the prefect of police opens an investigation and takes legal action

New problematic casting on the Touche set not at my post (TPMP) and new scandal. This Friday, on C8, Cyril Hanouna received four people indicating to be BRAV-M. Hooded face, black hood on the head and modified voice, all wore an orange armband marked police on the arm. For the past few days, the BRAV-M – these police on motorcycles – have been under the fire of criticism. Missioned to supervise, or rather disperse the demonstrators, these police officers have been accused of a disproportionate use of violence in the rallies against the pension reform.

They explained that the people they had to face in demonstrations were “Black bloc determined to kill (them)”. The “Black Bloc are the demonstrators’ worst enemies and we are the demonstrators’ best friends,” said one of them. “We were really created to seek out the most radical and violent elements,” she added.

Fake BRAV-Ms?

“The first elements in our possession suggest that these people do not belong to the BRAV-M (Brigade for the repression of violent actions – motorcyclist)”, wrote the police headquarters (PP) in a tweet. “In any case, the prefect of police opens an administrative investigation and seizes the public prosecutor of Paris”, added the PP.

Following this sequence, the prefect of police of Paris Laurent Nunez announced Friday evening the opening of an administrative investigation and the referral to justice after the presence of four people claiming to be BRAV-M.

One of four revoked in December

For its part, the C8 channel told AFP on Saturday morning that it had “received four police officers. Of the four, one was revoked in December. “It was clarified on the air that not all were part of the BRAV-M,” added the channel. According to several sources familiar with the matter, this man, whose name is Cédric, appeared as the spokesperson on the set, was stationed in Seine-Saint-Denis, before being dismissed. He was affiliated with the union FPIP (Independent Professional Federation of the National Police), classified on the extreme right.

But several things don’t match. On the set, one of the guests said: “We would like to make a small clarification, there are among us members of the BRAV-M and members of the specialized units who intervene in the maintenance of order and we have been doing this our whole career”. However, according to concordant sources familiar with the matter, none is a member of the BRAV-M. One is stationed in Yvelines, another in Val-de-Marne and the woman is in Seine-Saint-Denis. These three people are close to Cédric.

Channel pinned multiple times

Arcom, the media regulator, told AFP on Saturday morning that it had been “seized by viewers”. The authority, according to its “usual procedure”, will “view the sequence in question and instruct it if necessary”. C8 (channel of the Canal+ group, controlled by the conservative billionaire Vincent Bolloré) has been pinned on multiple occasions by Arcom because of Cyril Hanouna’s programs having caused controversy.

In early February, C8 was sentenced to a record fine of 3.5 million euros after the insults hurled live by its star host at LFI deputy Louis Boyard in November.

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