After the killing spree in Hamburg, Faeser wants to check planned weapons law for loopholes

tightening of gun laws
After the killing spree in Hamburg, Faeser wants to check planned weapons law for loopholes

Pistols at the Enforce Tac police and security fair in the Nuremberg exhibition center.

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After the rampage that killed eight people in Hamburg, Interior Minister Nancy Faeser wants to tighten gun laws. Your own draft law should also be carefully examined again.

After the killing spree in Hamburg, Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) insisted on tightening gun laws – and at the same time announced that the draft law she had submitted would be reviewed. The terrible act with eight dead shows “how necessary changes” in gun law are, Faeser said on Friday evening in the ARD “Tagesthemen”. The draft law presented by her should now be checked again for possible “gaps”.

Faeser said that the draft she submitted in January for stricter gun laws would “certainly have to be discussed”. This may need to be expanded. Faeser’s draft law envisages a ban on semi-automatic weapons similar to military weapons for private individuals. However, the murder weapon used in Hamburg, a semi-automatic pistol, would not fall under the ban. The alleged perpetrator was registered as a sports shooter, and the 35-year-old legally owned the weapon.

The federal government must again “go to the law and see if there are still gaps,” said the interior minister, referring to the draft she had submitted. In the weapons law, when applying for a gun owner’s license, it should be checked in future “whether someone is psychologically suitable”.

The Parliamentary Secretary of the Greens parliamentary group, Irene Mihalic, also questioned the regulations on the psychological suitability of gun owners. It is “more than questionable why only under-25-year-olds have to submit an official medical or psychological report when applying for a gun permit,” she told the editorial network Germany.

Since firearms endanger human life in the wrong hands, all applicants – regardless of age – should have to submit such reports, Mihalic demanded. Appropriate aptitude tests should actually have to be repeated at regular intervals. It must now be examined how the alleged gunman got his gun license.

Not 100% security

“We cannot prevent such rampages one hundred percent, but we are currently not doing everything that is possible to prevent people like the Hamburg gunman from getting their hands on firearms,” ​​said Mihalic.

The domestic policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, Sebastian Hartmann, told the RND: “The perpetrator from Hamburg apparently had legal access to weapons as a marksman.” Now it has to be clarified why the perpetrator’s controls did not provide any indication of danger and did not lead to the withdrawal of the gun owner’s license.

The suspect shot seven people and himself in a Jehovah’s Witnesses church in Hamburg on Thursday evening. The 35-year-old was a former member of the congregation but left Jehovah’s Witnesses about a year and a half ago. His motive is still unknown, the authorities classify the act as a rampage.

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