After the fatal fall of a teenager, “no dysfunction” in the vaccination against the papillomavirus

While the judicial aspect is still open, the conclusions of the administrative investigation carried out by the ARS after the fatal fall of a teenager who had just been vaccinated, last month near Nantes, are now known. “The investigation does not reveal any dysfunction in the organization of the vaccination campaign, in the preparation of the Federative Prevention Screening Center, a service at the Nantes University Hospital which ensures the vaccination campaign in Loire-Atlantique, or in the distribution circuit and provision of vaccines which would have been the cause of the accident,” the ARS indicated on Thursday.

As a reminder, the accident occurred at Saint-Dominique college in Saint-Herblain. The schoolboy, in 5th grade, felt unwell a quarter of an hour after being vaccinated against the papillomavirus (HPV) and fell on his head. He ultimately died at the University Hospital following “head trauma”.

“Prevent the risk of stress”

“The fact-finding mission considers that the organizations, put in place with regard to the national benchmark, are suitable for the vaccination process. However, recommendations have been made in order to further improve the conditions for implementing this vaccination campaign,” explains the ARS, which calls for “better prevention of the risk of stress for young people.” “However, elements still need to be explored in more detail regarding the conditions for triggering assistance and taking care of the young boy after his fall,” concludes the ARS, which announces that it will contact the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs.

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