After the explosion in Rohrbach – investigators are waiting for genetic comparison – Bavaria

After the house explosion in Rohrbach an der Ilm in Upper Bavaria with a dead woman and the following accidental death of a man, a DNA comparison should soon clarify his identity. “The identification is running. We hope that we will get a result soon,” said police spokesman Karl Höpfl on Monday in Ingolstadt. This is expected until the middle of the week.

On Thursday, a 54-year-old woman was killed in the explosion of a semi-detached house in Rohrbach an der Ilm (Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm district). Shortly after the explosion, a car sped into an oncoming truck in Schrobenhausen, 30 kilometers away. The car was registered to the address of the collapsed house – the driver was burned beyond recognition. Therefore, the body could not be identified during the autopsy. It is believed that it is the 55-year-old husband of the woman killed, who has been missing since the house exploded. The couple lived on the first floor of the house. The fire in an empty apartment in the Saxon town of Lugau is also puzzling – also on Thursday at lunchtime. This belonged to the couple. Investigators suspect that the three dramatic events are related, but how it is is still unclear. The Chemnitz public prosecutor did not provide any information on Monday about possible ignition devices or the like in the apartment in Lugau. “It is still to be clarified to what extent the person who died in Bavaria could be responsible for the apartment fire,” said a spokeswoman for the authority. Is being investigated for arson. In Rohrbach, the cause of the explosion is still unclear. “It was probably a gas explosion,” said police spokesman Höpfl. But: “You can’t say exactly how the explosion came about.” There was gas heating in the house. In addition, gas bottles were found in the house and in the accident vehicle. There are relatives of the couple with whom one is in contact. The police did not confirm speculations about a possible relationship act. The adjacent semi-detached house was also badly damaged in the explosion and had to be demolished. The two residents were slightly injured.


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