After the end of the GDL strike: Deutsche Bahn insists on negotiations

Status: 07.09.2021 11:45 a.m.

The strike of the train drivers’ union GDL is over – for the time being. There is no sign of a solution to the conflict with the railways: The group called on the GDL to “abandon the blockade” and to negotiate again.

Despite the more than five-day strike by the German Locomotive Drivers’ Union (GDL), there are no signs of any new offer from Deutsche Bahn for the time being. “There is an offer on the table that already fulfills essential demands of the union,” said a railway spokeswoman. “The GDL must finally give up its blockade and negotiate with us. We are ready at any time.”

Weselsky: No fourth strike for the time being

The GDL is not planning a new strike for the time being. “Of course you have to give the other side a bit of time and the opportunity to correct themselves,” said GDL boss Claus Weselsky in the MDR. He thinks that is still possible. According to Weselsky, the railway board has got stuck. “Then of course it is not easy to get off this saddled horse.” But he is betting on a solution. The federal government as owner is also required.

Weselsky emphasized that the GDL’s demand to conclude a collective agreement for all of its members was legitimate. This also included dispatchers or workshop employees. “As long as Deutsche Bahn wants to limit us to train drivers and train attendants, we will not be able to enter the negotiation mode.”

Rail: Individual irregularities in traffic possible

The third round of labor disputes in the ongoing collective bargaining dispute ended as planned on Tuesday night. According to information provided by the railway, traffic started “largely normally” again. According to a spokeswoman, Deutsche Bahn is “very confident” that the 860 long-distance trains planned for the day as well as 21,000 regional and S-Bahn trains will run as planned again. In individual cases there could still be irregularities. Passengers are therefore requested to find out about the connection they have booked in advance on the Internet or via the DB Navigator app. The hotline 08000-996633 can also provide further information throughout the day.

This is the third work stoppage in the conflict

The GDL strike began last Thursday in passenger traffic. It was the third work stoppage in the collective bargaining dispute – and the longest to date. The background to the dispute is, in addition to salary increases, the position of the GDL union within the railway.

The GDL is calling for a total of 3.2 percent higher wages and salaries for a term of 28 months and a corona premium of 600 euros. The railway had recently offered a term of 36 months and agreed to the corona premium. There is also a dispute about the future form of old-age provision.

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