After the “DSDS” start on Saturday: pop titan Dieter Bohlen is “completely happy”

After the “DSDS” start on Saturday
Pop titan Dieter Bohlen is “completely happy”

Dieter Bohlen is a juror for “DSDS” for the last time.

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Dieter Bohlen is happy on Instagram about a successful start to the anniversary season of “DSDS”: “I’m really happy.”

“Deutschland sucht den Superstar” started its 20th and final season on Saturday evening (January 14). Dieter Bohlen (68), who is allowed to sit on the jury chair for the last time next to Pietro Lombardi (30), Leony (25) and Katja Krasavice (26) for the anniversary and is thus celebrating his comeback on the RTL show, looking forward to Instagram already off to a successful start. He couldn’t wait for the casting show to start again and received “so many great comments” from fans.

Bohlen is happy about the odds

“It worked my friends. We have over 20 percent ratings, over three million have watched it. I’m very happy. Let’s celebrate together,” was the first positive conclusion of the pop titan. With regard to the next issue next Wednesday (January 18, from 8:15 p.m. on RTL), Bohlen adds: “Everything went extremely well. And now let’s see how it goes on Wednesday. I hope you keep going.”

Menderes is also celebrating his “DSDS” comeback

One who is expected to be diligently following the upcoming episodes is Menderes Bagci (38), who started on Saturday appeared before the jury once more. Even if he still couldn’t convince vocally, Bohlen was happy to see him again and even offered him: “If I can help you in any way, call me.”

However, Menderes pointed out that he did not have Bohlen’s phone number. The pop titan then: “I’ll give you my number.” He typed this into an old Nokia model from Menderes. “After 20 years, I finally have Dieter Bohlen’s number,” said the “DSDS” icon.


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