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In the case of the Alsterdorf gunman, there is new information. Before the fact, Philipp F. had published a book with confused content. An anonymous tip drew the weapons authority’s attention to the plant. The police initially said they had not found it. As the NDR has learned, that is not true.

The officials entered the name Philipp F. and the term “book” on Google – and did not find the book. That’s how police chief Ralf Martin Meyer had it said at a state press conference shortly after the killing spree. Now it turned out: The latter is not true. An employee of the weapons authority had found the title of the book after the anonymous tip, but neither ordered nor downloaded it. According to the Hamburg police, the title did not particularly alarm the employee of the weapons authority.

Police: Error when questioning an employee

She explains this incident by a communication error. It came about when the employee concerned was questioned. She was asked if she knew the book. But because she hadn’t read it, she said “no”. Apparently she didn’t mention finding it.

AUDIO: Book of the gunman: Hamburg police admit communication failure (1 min)

Two reports on the perpetrator’s book

Meanwhile, two police-commissioned reports that examined the book concluded that it contained no evidence of violence. According to one of the experts, the perpetrator suffered with a high probability of a personality disorder with predominantly narcissistic components, as reported by “Zeit”. The perpetrator showed clear signs of overconfidence and megalomania and an excessive need for recognition. A second expert explained in “Spiegel” that Philipp F. had acted presumably for religious reasons. The perpetrator was a religious fanatic who felt anger at the fact that the Christian religious communities withheld the truth from believers.

Shooting spree with eight dead

On March 9, 35-year-old Philipp F. killed seven people at a community meeting of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Hamburg – including an unborn child. He then killed himself. Nine other people were injured in the shooting.

Further information

People stand in front of the display of a gun shop that sells alarm and signal weapons.  © dpa

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Andy Grote (SPD), Senator for the Interior and Sport in Hamburg, Police President Ralf Martin Meyer, Arnold Keller from the Attorney General's Office and Uwe Stockmann, Hamburg State Criminal Police Office (from right to left), are sitting in the town hall during the state press conference on the current investigation status of the amok act.  © picture alliance/dpa |  Marcus Brandt Photo: Marcus Brandt

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Flowers and candles lie and stand in front of the entrance to a church of Jehovah's Witnesses in the Alsterdorf district.  © dpa Photo: Christian Charisius

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