After raid against “Last Generation”: Alliance reports Söder and two ministers – Bavaria

After the raid on climate activists of the “Last Generation” (LG), the Left Party in Bavaria filed criminal charges against Prime Minister Markus Söder, Minister of Justice Georg Eisenreich and Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann (all CSU) and against Attorney General Reinhard Röttle. This was announced by country chief Adelheid Rupp on Wednesday. The complaint is not about the searches of the climate stickers themselves. It was about the blocking of the LG homepage with the public notice from the investigative authorities that it was a criminal organization. Defamation and insults are displayed.

The presumption of innocence was ignored by this inadmissible statement, Rupp explained, it was about “acts by a state government that are not worthy of a democracy in terms of legal policy”. It is also a matter of intent, since the politicians or the Attorney General are aware that the presumption of innocence must be taken into account. In any case, she sees state repression against the last generation as “primarily political powerhouse”. The complaint against the prime minister and the leading politicians is because it is not clear whether and to what extent the public prosecutor’s office was instructed by Söder or individual ministries to act.

Last week, officials in several federal states searched LG apartments and business premises on behalf of the central office for combating extremism and terrorism at the Munich public prosecutor’s office. The charge is to form or support a criminal organization. The last generation regularly draws attention to climate change with sit-ins and tape campaigns; They are also accused of attacks on oil industry facilities, for example. Several activists have also been convicted of criminal offenses, some of them imprisonment.

The shutdown of the website was particularly controversial. “The last generation represents a criminal organization according to § 129 StGB,” it said. The authorities later removed the notice and had to admit that there was only initial suspicion. When asked by SZ, the Ministry of Justice made it clear that no political instructions had been given to the Attorney General’s Office. And the decision on the existence of criminal liability according to the allegation of the formation of criminal organizations “ultimately rests with the courts in judicial independence”. In Munich government circles there was sometimes talk of an inexplicable “glitch” – which, however, did not reduce the admissibility of the public prosecutor’s decision.

Support came from CSU General Secretary Martin Huber, among others. On Twitter he called the last generation “anti-democratic chaotic people”, they accepted the endangerment of human life by blocking rescue operations: “We finally have to take tough action.” In addition to the debate as to whether the climate stickers are a criminal organization, CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt had previously questioned their loyalty to the constitution and marked the LG on the way to a “climate RAF”. However, the Bavarian Office for the Protection of the Constitution contradicted this, saying that the movement was “not shaped or controlled by left-wing extremists, but is still anchored in the bourgeois potential”.

The left chairwoman Adelheid Rupp signs the criminal complaint against leading Bavarian politicians because of their actions against the last generation.

(Photo: Johann Osel)

The Left reports the complaint together with other initiatives, small parties and activists. A representative of LG, 16-year-old Layla Sommer, spoke at the press conference on Wednesday. She wishes for a peaceful, safe and livable world, said the high school student, but this will not exist on a three degree hotter earth. Don’t let the “civilian resistance” intimidate you. Jörg Jovy from the NoPAG initiative against the Bavarian Police Duties Act said democracy in Bavaria was moving “away from the rule of law”. There are many arguments against a decision by the public prosecutor “in the non-political area”, the raid did not come “just like that”. Criminal charges and criminal complaints are now going to the Munich public prosecutor’s office. She was “a little worried” about whether she was really dealing with all facets of the allegation against her top boss and the politicians, said Rupp. But she hopes that “in the light of the public” everything will go correctly.

Rupp, a former member of the SPD, wants to bring the left into the state parliament for the first time in the fall – as an opposition with “tenacity” that the 64-year-old now misses in the state parliament. It is “frightening” that the SPD and the Greens neither comment nor critically examine the raid on the LG. Apparently, the parties “gagged themselves” because they wanted to govern with the CSU. Which isn’t entirely true. For example, the top Green candidate, Katharina Schulze, denounced a “blatant violation of the presumption of innocence” after the website was blocked.

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