After blood sausage, other contaminated cold cuts made in the Tarn are recalled

After the Buitoni scandal, recalls have multiplied in recent weeks. After detecting a risk of listeria on the black puddings produced by Salaisons de Vernède, in Lacaune, in the Tarn, the health authorities extend the alert and the recall to other products of the same company. The Tarn prefecture explains that after the first alert on Friday following the detection of listeria bacteria in the sausages, other samples taken on Tuesday at the manufacturer lead to broader measures being taken.

The other products recalled from Salaisons de la Vernède (approval FR 81.124.027. CE) are from meltsat (lots 10 and 14), tripe (lots 11, 12, and 13) and pâté four (labeled country pâté, lots 11 and 14).

These charcuteries were marketed in stores in Tarn, Hérault, Aude and Haute-Garonne. They must be brought back or thrown away, in no case eaten. People who have consumed it and who have a fever, alone or accompanied by headaches or body aches, should consult their doctor and tell him about the suspicion of listeria.

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