After abortion verdict: New York wants to be a “safe haven” for women

As of: 06/24/2022 9:32 p.m

About half of US states plan to ban or restrict abortion after Supreme Court ruling. California, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York, on the other hand, announced that they would protect abortion rightsn.

Several US states banned abortions right after the Supreme Court ruling. “Missouri just became the first in the country to effectively end abortion,” Midwest Attorney General Eric Schmitt said on Twitter. Less than two hours after the Supreme Court decision, he tweeted a photo of himself signing the abortion ban. “This is a monumental day for the sanctity of life,” he wrote.

In South Dakota, according to conservative governor Kristi Noem, a law that had already been prepared came into force. Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb called the state legislature on July 6 to pass an abortion ban. Shortly before, the Supreme Court had overturned the right to abortion that had been in force in the USA for five decades, giving individual states the freedom to allow, restrict or ban abortion altogether.

Mississippi lawsuit led to decision

Several conservatively governed states had already passed stricter abortion laws in anticipation of the Supreme Court decision, which openly violated the overturned fundamental judgment. The states had specifically speculated that lawsuits would be filed against their abortion laws, which would ultimately end up in the Supreme Court.

That happened now with a law from the southern state of Mississippi, which banned abortions after the 15th week of pregnancy. When examining this law, the Supreme Court, which consisted mostly of conservative judges, overturned the landmark “Roe v. Wade” ruling from 1973, which had previously permitted abortions in principle nationwide.

26 states want to ban abortion

After the decision, it is expected that a total of 26 and thus about half of the 50 states will now ban abortion or at least severely restrict it. 13 states, especially in the conservative south of the USA, had already prepared corresponding laws that now come into force almost automatically, as in South Dakota.

In Arkansas or Mississippi, the Attorney General has yet to officially confirm that the Supreme Court has changed the legal framework for abortion. In Texas and Tennessee, the stricter abortion laws are to take effect 30 days after the publication of the verdict.

New York supports abortion clinics

A number of liberal states, on the other hand, announced that they want to protect abortion rights despite the Supreme Court’s historic decision. The governors from California, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York, among others, professed their liberal stance on abortions.

New York governor Kathy Hochul speaks of one of the darkest days. According to this ruling by the Supreme Court, there are government-mandated pregnancies. The state of New York continues to guarantee all women – including those from other states – the unrestricted right to have an abortion. Hochul explained: With the Statue of Liberty in the harbor, New York will always remain a safe haven for women in search of the freedom to control their own bodies. The New York budget has already been increased with $35 million to better equip abortion clinics and to absorb the costs of women from other states seeking help.

“This is not the America we know,” said California Gov. Gavin Newsom. “California has joined with Washington and Oregon to form a West Coast offensive and protect reproductive freedom in our states.” New Jersey Prime Minister Phil Murphy made a similar statement. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed an executive order to protect rights.

With information from Antje Passenheim, ARD Studio New York

Reactions from New York to the overturned abortion law

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