After a scandal in the Europa League: Solidarity with attacked hr reporters

After the attack on two hr commentators in the Eintracht victory at West Ham United, the two reporters experienced a lot of solidarity. The hr, Eintracht and West Ham condemned the incident. However, UEFA does not want to investigate.

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Europa League: hr reporter attacked

Imago Stadium West Ham

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For Philipp Hofmeister and Tim Brockmeier, the sporting highlight of the Europa League semifinals on Thursday evening was severely spoiled. Because the live reporters of Hessischer Rundfunk were attacked by English fans when Eintracht Frankfurt won 2-1 at West Ham United.

The day after the scandal, there was broad solidarity with the two HR employees who were attacked. “A football stadium is not a legal vacuum,” said hr program director Gabriele Holzner on Friday. “We expect the organizing club to also create conditions for reporters from the visiting team so that they can do their job without fear of being attacked,” Holzner continued. Beatings and physical violence are not tolerable under any circumstances.

West Ham announce consequences, UEFA not

West Ham have already announced consequences. “We are aware of the incident and will work to identify the perpetrators,” the statement said. The thugs should be found and punished. “You will be banned indefinitely and not allowed to enter the London Stadium or travel with the club. There is no place for this kind of behaviour.”

The Eintracht, which demanded a quick clarification of the events, expressed itself similarly. “The attack on journalists from Hessischer Rundfunk cannot be tolerated and is unacceptable for all the emotionality of an important semi-final game with all the accompanying circumstances,” said Jan Martin Strasheim, the club’s head of media and communication. “The events require careful investigation, which West Ham United will also comply with. This has been assured to us by the club.”

Meanwhile, the European Football Union (UEFA) reacted rather calmly. No disciplinary proceedings will be opened, the association announced on Friday when asked by the dpa. “The club reacted quickly and will now investigate the incident in order to identify the culprits and ban them,” it said.

Hear attack live

The attack on Brockmeier and Hofmeister could be heard in the live report by hr-iNFO. “We’re being attacked here,” said Hofmeister shortly after the equaliser. In the seconds before, tumult can be heard, the attackers hit the two journalists and ripped Brockmeier’s headset off his head. “I’ve never experienced anything like that,” Brockmeier said shortly afterwards. “We are shocked.”

During the half-time break, the two switched places and commented on the semi-final first leg, which Eintracht won 2-1 after goals from Ansgar Knauff and Daichi Kamada. Luckily, neither of them sustained any serious injuries. “We both took hits,” said Hofmeister. “Mentally it was difficult afterwards. But we’re doing well given the circumstances.”

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