Afghanistan: Many dead in attack in Kabul feared

Many dead in attack in Kabul feared

A Taliban fighter stands guard near the mosque where there was an explosion. Photo: Ebrahim Noroozi/AP/dpa

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A new wave of attacks shakes Afghanistan. In the capital Kabul, a mosque is the target again on Friday. Local media reports many dead and injured.

At least ten worshipers have been killed in a bomb attack on a mosque in the Afghan capital Kabul. Another 20 people were wounded, the Afghan TV channel Tolonews reported on Friday, citing a spokesman for the Taliban Ministry of the Interior.

According to the information, the explosion occurred after Friday prayers in a mosque in the west of the city. More detailed information was not initially available. According to the Italian organization Emergency, 23 people were taken to a local hospital, two of whom were already dead when they arrived. Eyewitnesses meanwhile assumed a much higher number of victims. The organization announced that it had already treated more than 100 victims of attacks in its surgical department in April alone.

The roof of the mosque collapsed, an eyewitness reported to the German Press Agency. “People were scared and many lay in the middle”. More than 200 people are said to have stayed in the mosque at the time of the explosion, the eyewitness said. The blast happened in a part of the mosque where Sufis were praying. In the past, believers in this mystical Islamic current have repeatedly been the target of extremists.

Taliban spokesman Sabiullah Mujahid condemned the explosion in the strongest possible terms and expressed his condolences to the victims. The UN mission in Afghanistan also condemned the attack. Two United Nations officials were in the mosque with their families at the time of the attack, officials said. “Today’s attack, which took place on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan and on the eve of Eid al-Fitr, totally disregards human life and religious sanctity,” the UN said.

A wave of serious attacks is currently shaking the country. The Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia claims responsibility for most of the attacks. Dozens of people have been killed in attacks on mosques, religious minorities and schools in recent weeks.


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