Afghanistan: EU imposes conditions on the Taliban

Status: 03.09.2021 2:16 p.m.

The EU is ready to cooperate with the Taliban – albeit under conditions that the foreign ministers set out at a meeting. The Islamists’ financial shortage could offer an opportunity for cooperation.

The EU states want to look for contacts with the radical Islamic Taliban in Afghanistan in a coordinated manner. “We decided to do it in a coordinated manner, including a joint presence in Kabul,” said Foreign Affairs Representative Josep Borrell at a meeting of EU foreign ministers. A prerequisite for such a presence in the capital is, however, that the security situation allows it.

The EU is also tying possible cooperation with the Taliban to other conditions. The “operational engagement” with the new rulers is to be stepped up when the Taliban form a government with the involvement of other political forces and allow those in need of protection to leave the country, said Borrell.

EU foreign ministers advise on Afghanistan: There is no way around the Taliban

Markus Preiß, ARD Brussels, daily news 5:00 p.m., September 3, 2021

Borrell: It’s not about political recognition

In addition, the radical Islamists should respect human rights, rule of law and freedom of the press, enable humanitarian aid and guarantee that Afghanistan does not become a base for terrorist groups again. “We will have to enter into dialogue with the new administration in Afghanistan,” said Borrell. It is not about political recognition. For the EU, the main concern is to be able to fly out thousands of citizens and local workers who are currently stuck in Afghanistan.

According to EU diplomats, a German-French paper on the subject was a basis for the understanding. Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas had promised the Taliban that Germany could resume the currently stopped development aid payments for Afghanistan under certain conditions.

The Taliban desperately need money

The Taliban urgently need financial aid to keep their starving country going. Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn also sees this situation as an opportunity to meet the Taliban on an equal footing.

Walking a tightrope: How the EU wants to get into conversation with the Taliban

Michael Schneider, ARD Brussels, currently Ljubljana, 3.9.2021 3:49 p.m.

With information from Michael Schneider, ARD-Studio Brussels.


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