AfD federal association achieved a surplus in the millions in 2023


As of: May 15, 2024 9:09 p.m

Inheritances bring the AfD a lot of money. But it also benefits financially from increasing membership numbers. This amounts to 3.7 million euros ARD information the surplus of the AfD federal association for 2023.

The AfD federal association made a surplus of 3.7 million euros last year. This is what it says in the AfD’s preliminary activity report for 2023, which the party wants to present at the party conference in Essen at the end of June. He lies to that WDR and the ARD capital studio before.

The surplus is also due to another inheritance, which consists largely of real estate, it is said. Overall, the AfD’s net assets grow to around 17.5 million euros. Last year, the party earned 2.9 million euros from membership fees and 1.9 million euros from donations.

Government funding is the most important source of income

At more than 44 percent, almost half of the revenue in 2023 will come from state funds – a total of around 7.9 million euros. A comparison of the 2022 annual reports showed that no other party represented in the Bundestag is financed as heavily by state money as the AfD.

In comparison, the SPD, for example, received significantly more state funding at around 48 million euros, but this only made up just under 30 percent of its total income. Partial state funding is based on the valid votes that a party received in the last state, federal and European elections.

The AfD’s preliminary activity report for 2023 also shows that the party’s membership increased from around 29,300 in 2022 to 39,600.

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