Advent calendar quiz 2023: Which Advent calendar should I give as a gift?

Do you want to give away an Advent calendar in the run-up to Christmas, but don’t know which one? No problem, the star quiz provides helpful inspiration after just nine short questions.

The spirits lovers

You are looking for a surprise for whiskey, gin or rum lovers. The good news is: No matter which spirit the recipient prefers, they are all available in Advent calendar form.

The bad news is: You’ll hardly find an Advent calendar with spirits for less than 50 euros. Our tip: one Do-it-yourself calendar (around 10 euros, affiliate link) with three small samples of your favorite distillate (around 13 euros) and drape sweets in the remaining doors. By the way, dark chocolate tastes particularly good with whiskey.

It’s worth between 50 and 100 euros Amazon Spirits Advent Calendar (affiliate link), which offers a mix of different spirits. Gin lovers will enjoy this one Calendar from aboutfood (affiliate link). Rum lovers will love this one Copy by AH Riise (affiliate link).

The beer drinkers

It seems like you would like to give a gift to a beer drinker. Luckily, this type of person is usually frugal when it comes to gifts.

There are plenty of beer advent calendars in almost all price categories: they are suitable for up to 50 euros Calendar of Kalea (affiliate link) including tasting glass. For around 100 euros, a beer lover can get one 24 cans of various craft beers (affiliate link) from all over the world. That’s a whopping four euros per can.

We therefore simply recommend a box of your favorite beer with 0.33 liter bottles. There are exactly 24 Pülleken in it and you can be sure that he or she will like it. Bottom up!

The wine drinkers

The person appears to be a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur. There are many wine advent calendars, such as this one Copy of Geile Weine (affiliate link) or this one from Kalea (affiliate link).

Unfortunately, the calendars have one thing in common: they all cost over 50 euros. You can only get it cheaper if you use the wine advent calendar craft yourself (affiliate link) and put snacks and sweets on the calendar next to small bottles of wine.

If money is no object, you can even expand your homemade wine advent calendar to include decanters, corkscrews and glasses.

The amateur chefs

The person receiving the gift is a little hobby cook? No problem, there are a variety of great Advent calendars for kitchen foxes.

In the price category up to 50 euros, a recipe Advent calendar is a good idea. “A cookie a day, keeps the Christmas stress away” (affiliate link), for example, only costs five euros and offers 24 creative recipe ideas for the run-up to Christmas.

However, you will have to shell out 30 euros for the small one Spice calendar from Just Spices (affiliate link). It contains 24 small spice bags that hobby chefs can use to refine their dishes.

Of course, you can also do so from 50 to 100 euros Larger version of the spice calendar (affiliate link), which contains larger spice mixtures and a cookbook.

If money is no object, take a look at the Advent calendar from Cheflife at. It costs 279 euros, but it also includes kitchen utensils.

The nibblers

Without chips, without me: you give a friend salty snacks as a gift. That’s your great luck, because there are many such Advent calendars and in all price categories. Most copies cost between 25 and 50 euros.

The only thing that matters is what the person is into: Pringles are in this advent Calendar (affiliate link), the Advent calendar from Funny fresh (affiliate link) offers a good mix of different snacks. But our personal favorite is this one Sausage Advent Calendar (affiliate link) with 24 French mini salamis.

The sweet snackers

Sweets are the absolute classic in the Advent calendar and apparently you want to give a sweet tooth a little treat. Your luck, because there are plenty of Advent calendars with chocolate, wine gum, licorice, marzipan or pralines.

Actually, you just have to pay attention to your budget and what the person particularly likes. He’s definitely a licorice eater Advent calendar from Bülow (affiliate link) lucky, marzipan freaks appreciate it Niederegger Advent calendar (affiliate link).

And if the person receiving the gift likes to immerse themselves in films or series, sogrgen M&Ms (affiliate link) or one Popcorn calendar (affiliate link) usually for relaxation. Children are of course happy to have one Ferrero Advent calendar (affiliate link).

Advent calendar for make-up artists

Your favorite person doesn’t seem to come out the door without makeup. An Advent calendar with make-up accessories makes sense here. A suitable model, for example, would be that of Maybelline New York (affiliate link). Unfortunately, make-up is always very expensive, which is why the calendar costs 70 euros.

For example, a simple beauty advent calendar like the one from is cheaper Nivea (Affiliate link), which does not contain any make-up utensils, but does contain all sorts of creams that pamper the skin when it is not painted.

The natural beauty

Love begins with yourself. The person you want to give a gift to knows this too. Accordingly, you will see them more often with a face mask than without. A beauty advent calendar is just right for this person. And you’re lucky that they come in many variations.

The classics are the Advent calendars from Flaconi (affiliate link) and Douglas (affiliate link), which offer a good mix of care products, perfume and creams. A cheap alternative would be the Balea Advent calendar, which is available to buy from Dm.

But there are also calendars from different brands. For example, if the person receiving the gift stands up Rituals (affiliate link) or Nivea (Affiliate link), the respective manufacturers’ own Advent calendars are ideal.

The beautiful man

You should keep this man: Instead of refining his delicatessen with beer, wine, chips or chocolate in the run-up to Christmas, he focuses on personal care.

This should be rewarded with a beauty advent calendar for men. There are such, for example, from Flaconi (affiliate link), Douglas (affiliate link) or Dm (Balea) and in every price category.

If you know that the fine gentleman prefers a particular brand for his skin, beauty manufacturers like Nivea (affiliate link), Loreal (affiliate link) or Rituals (affiliate link) also offers in-house calendars.

The play children

Joy shared is joy doubled, sorrow shared is sorrow halved. Nowhere is this wisdom more relevant than in board games. It’s good that there are even Advent calendars that indulge in this joy. It seems you want to give a gift to someone who enjoys solving puzzles or playing games together.

No problem, that Exit Advent Calendar (affiliate link) seems just right for this person. Behind the 24 doors of the calendar there is an escape game that can of course also be solved together. Slightly younger puzzle fans will like this ???-Advent Calendar (Affiliate link) will accompany you through the Advent season.

It’s worth it for adult puzzle fans Time Crime Advent Calendar (affiliate link), in which the person has to solve a criminal case by Christmas Eve. If the person is more of a Sudoku or crossword puzzle fan, there are also suitable ones for that advent Calendar (affiliate link).

It’s worth it for the whole family Advent calendar from Zohars (Affiliate link), because it contains games for young and old. And if the person receiving the gift is into trading cards, there are also Advent calendars with all sorts of booster packs.

At 63 euros it is Pokémon calendar (affiliate link) but not particularly cheap. If you still want to make a collector happy, it’s a good idea to get one Do-it-yourself calendar (affiliate link) and hide two or three booster packs of the corresponding trading cards in the 24th door.

The frivolous ones

Ohlala, hot Christmases seem to be more important to this person than white ones. An Advent calendar with sex toys is of course also suitable for couples. The copies of (affiliate link) and Amorelia (affiliate link) are probably the most popular.

Important: If you feel even a shred of uncertainty about giving a gift, it is better to take the test again and make a different decision on the penultimate question. This way you can find out what also makes the person happy without the risk of an awkward silence.

Which gender does the person feel like they belong to?

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