Actress: More than «Turkish for beginners» – Josefine Preuss turns 39

More than «Turkish for beginners» – Josefine Preuß turns 39

Actress Josephine Preuß turns 36. Photo: picture alliance / Henning Kaiser / dpa

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Josefine Preuss captured the hearts of the audience with characterful roles. Today the actress celebrates her birthday.

At the age of 14 she became known through the KIKA series “Schloss Einstein”, and in 2005 she made her final breakthrough with “Turkish for Beginners”. In the meantime, the Brandenburg native has established herself as an actress and voice actress. Today Josefine Preuß turns 36 years old.

In 1986 Josefine Preuß was born as the second child in Zehdenick. She grew up in Potsdam and later emphasized how well the completely normal and down-to-earth life was good for her. Her mother was a history teacher, her father a police director. In addition to her acting talent, she also had athletic strengths. In her youth she even did competitive sports. She also plays the violin.

Debut as a child and youth actress

After the actress got her technical college entrance qualification, she went to the private drama school “Die Etage”. In 2004 she broke off her visit in the last semester after two years and devoted herself only to practical acting. She got her first leading roles at the Hans-Otto-Theater in Potsdam. She made her television debut in 2000 at the age of 14 in the Kika series “Schloss Einstein”. For three years she played the scheming and bitchy Anna Reichenbach and advanced to the leading role in the children’s and youth series.

Breakthrough at the side of Elyas M’Barek

In the following years, the Berliner-by-choice got supporting roles in evening TV films and well-known formats such as Tatort. She celebrated her final breakthrough with “Turkish for Beginners” alongside Elyas M’Barek. The comedy and family series was very well received and garnered several awards, such as the German Television Prize in 2006 and the Adolf Grimme Prize in 2007. To this day, the series is often used in school lessons.

Preuss is now a renowned actress in the German scene and has worked on various productions for television and cinema. In 2011, “Turkish for Beginners” hit the cinema screen. In 2014 she got a Bambi for her leading role in “The Midwife”.

Acting was not the main desire in childhood days. Before starting, her dream was to become a medical examiner. For her role in “The Midwife”, sitting relaxed on her balcony, she sewed pork bellies together to familiarize herself with the practice.


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