Actor: Daniel Fehlow has been a Rügen fan since the “GZSZ” spin-off

Daniel Fehlow has been a Rügen fan since the “GZSZ” spin-off

Daniel Fehlow filming “Leon – fight for your love” on Rügen. photo

© Matthias Marx/RTL/dpa

The island of Rügen has done it to “GZSZ” star Daniel Fehlow. The actor had never been to the coast during his childhood in Germany. Instead, he vacationed abroad with his parents.

A TV production on Rügen with consequences: Actor Daniel Fehlow (47) has been a friend since the shooting of “Leon – Don’t Believe Everything You See”, a spin-off of the RTL series “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten”. the Baltic Sea. “The sea air, the nature, the relaxed people – Rügen is really great,” says Fehlow in the dpa interview.

As a child and teenager, the Berliner had never been to the coast in Germany. “Back then, I used to travel to Turkey with my parents almost every vacation, and we often went to the beach.” Fehlow has now discovered the beaches of Rügen with his wife, actress Jessica Ginkel (42, “The Teacher”), and their two children (8 and 4 years old). “After shooting the first spin-off, we went on a motorhome tour and spent the last two days on Rügen. We returned straight away on our next vacation – also to visit new friends there.”

In the UFA production “Leon – Don’t believe everything you see”, the 47-year-old plays the role of Leon Moreno, which he has also been doing with “GZSZ” with interruptions since 1996. The sequel to the release from the main series, “Leon – fight for your love”, will be broadcast on January 11 (RTL, 8:15 p.m., on RTL+ from January 4) and also plays on Rügen. If it goes to Fehlow, it can also continue professionally on the Baltic Sea. “I would be as happy about “Leon 3″ as a small child.”


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