Activists from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine: Human rights activists receive Nobel Peace Prize

Status: 07.10.2022 11:25 a.m

The Nobel Peace Prize goes to Belarusian human rights lawyer Ales Byaljatzki, the Russian human rights organization Memorial and the Ukrainian organization Center for Civil Liberties. This was announced by the Nobel Committee in Oslo.

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize goes to imprisoned Belarusian human rights activist Ales Bialiatski, the Russian group Memorial and the Ukrainian organization Center for Civil Liberties.

This year’s laureates represented civil society in their home countries, said Nobel Committee Chair Berit Reiss-Andersen at the announcement. For many years they have campaigned to protect the fundamental rights of citizens and the right to criticize those in power.

This time 251 personalities and 92 organizations were nominated. The names are traditionally kept secret for 50 years. Last year, the Filipino Maria Ressa and the Russian Dmitri Muratow were honored with the prize. The two journalists received it for their brave fight for freedom of expression.

Endowed with 920,000 euros

Of the The Nobel Peace Prize is the only one of the Nobel Prizes not awarded in Stockholm, Sweden, but in the Norwegian capital Oslo. All Nobel prizes this year are endowed with ten million Swedish crowns (almost 920,000 euros) per category.

They are traditionally presented on December 10th, the anniversary of the death of prize donor and dynamite inventor Alfred Nobel (1833-1896). The last German prizewinner was ex-Chancellor Willy Brandt more than 50 years ago: he was honored in 1971 for his Ostpolitik, which helped to ease the tension in the Cold War.

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