Accused of rape by his wife, the program director of France Télévisions temporarily gives up his functions

Accused of rape by his wife, with whom he is in the process of divorce, Diego Buñuel, director of programs for France Televisions since June 2020, temporarily retired from his duties at the end of last week, according to information disclosed by Telerama, which the audiovisual group confirmed to 20 minutes.

According to New York Post, who publicized the affair, Maggie Kim, his wife, accuses him in the midst of divorce proceedings, of having raped her three times in 2017. The grandson of the Spanish director Luis Buñuel is under a warrant stop in the United States.

An unsuccessful civil complaint

Diego Buñuel’s lawyer, cited by Telerama, affirms “that a complaint in slanderous denunciation has been filed. “” These facts are indeed perfectly disputed and are not based on anything. We expect a classification without follow-up shortly ”, declared Me Jérôme Boursican to Telerama, who believes that Maggie Kim’s complaint is motivated by the divorce proceedings and the loss of custody of their two children to Diego Buñuel. A civil complaint, based on the same rape charges, was dismissed last April.

The program director of France Télévisions has withdrawn from his duties, in agreement with the audiovisual group, for an indefinite period. No replacement has been appointed on an interim basis for the moment.

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