accused of having driven without a licence, without insurance, but with cannabis

The gendarmes were full on April 19, in Lozère, by controlling a motorist, they say, on Facebook : this 27-year-old man, imprisoned while awaiting trial, is accused of having driven without a license and without insurance.

The long list of offenses with which he is charged does not stop there: the man is accused of having refused to submit to the alcohol test, as well as the screening for narcotics. But the gendarmes were not at the end of their surprise, they write: smelling a strong smell of cannabis emanating from the passenger compartment of the vehicle, they discovered a bag with 55 sachets of grass, a total of 778 grams.

The story could have ended there but, during his arrest, the man is accused of having uttered death threats against the gendarmes present. He will soon have to explain these facts before the criminal court.

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