Accidents: Number of dead after avalanche accident in Tibet rises to 13

Death toll after avalanche in Tibet rises to 13

A mountain range in Tibet covered with snow (symbol image). photo

© Zhan Yan/XinHua/dpa

Suddenly, masses of snow and ice fell in the city of Nyingchi in south-west Tibet. People are trapped in a tunnel with their cars. The rescue work continues.

After the avalanche in Tibet, the death toll has risen to at least 13. As reported by the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV, citing the operations management on site, the search and rescue work after the accident on Tuesday evening is continuing.

It was unclear how many people were still missing. According to earlier reports, the falling masses of snow and ice had fallen onto an expressway in the city of Nyingchi in southwestern Tibet and had also blocked the exit of a tunnel there. Photos showed several excavators and numerous helpers doing search work in deep snow. Around 700 helpers are said to have been in action.


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