Accident: child fatally injured by overturning shopping cart

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Child fatally injured in falling shopping cart

A blue light on the roof of a police vehicle. Police are investigating a little girl who died under an overturning shopping cart. photo

© Lino Mirgeler/dpa

A shopping trolley filled with sheetrock overturned in a hardware store and fell on a little girl. The consequences were fatal for the child.

A 13-month-old girl was so badly injured by a falling shopping trolley in the Hanover region that she died shortly afterwards. The shopping cart in a hardware store in Garbsen was loaded with plasterboard and skewed, the police said on Sunday. The child was standing next to the shopping cart on Saturday when it overturned.

According to the information, the girl was with her parents in the hardware store. First responders resuscitated the child, it was flown to a clinic by helicopter, where it died a short time later.

It was initially unclear why the shopping cart could get so badly lopsided that it tipped over. The police have launched an investigation into the tragic accident.


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