Abba tour manager Thomas Johansson: “Deep happiness” – culture

Thomas Johansson, tour manager and closest confidante of “Abba” for five decades, on the history and details of a spectacular reunion and life as a pop star in the 70s and today.

Among the fans of the pop mythical group Degradation there are hardly any differences of opinion about who can be classified as an unofficial fifth band member, especially since the dictatorial manager Stig Anderson passed away in 1997. Abba connoisseurs like the concert organizer Marek Lieberberg clearly see Thomas Johansson as the closest and most loyal Abba confidante. Johansson, 73, arranged and supervised all concerts for the band as a promoter right from the start, he traveled around the world with her, and he repeatedly solved the four big and small problems. Even after the separation in 1982 he remained connected to the members and worked on their solo activities.


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