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Status: 11/19/2022 7:53 p.m

Due to construction work for the Altona noise protection tunnel, a section of the Autobahn 7 in Hamburg has been completely closed for a total of 79 hours since Thursday evening.

Despite the freezing temperatures, the construction work is progressing well and according to plan. Two bridges have already been demolished. Among them is a particularly stable bridge on Bahrenfelder Chaussee, said a spokeswoman for Autobahn GmbH Nord on Saturday. The excavators are still in use on a third bridge on Osdorfer Weg. The debris from the demolished structures was crushed on site and sorted for recycling.

Because of the temperatures, the workers at the construction site have to spread salt. The spokeswoman said the highway should not be on ice on Monday morning when traffic is supposed to flow again.

No traffic jams on Saturday

The A7 between the Hamburg-Heimfeld and Hamburg-Volkspark junctions will be completely closed in both directions until Monday morning at 5 a.m. The Elbe tunnel is also affected by the closure. This did not lead to traffic jams on Saturday. According to the traffic control center, traffic was also flowing on the detour routes via the A1 and in the city center via the Elbe bridges.

Slightly more traffic in the city

On Friday afternoon there was a six-kilometer traffic jam on the alternative route A1 in the direction of Bremen. And also in Hamburg it got a bit crowded. If you wanted to go through the city, you had to allow about half an hour more time. Traffic was particularly backed up on the alternate route of the B4 on Stresemannstrasse and Amsinckstrasse. There were significantly more trucks on the road in the city. But overall it was quiet here too. “Many motorists actually seem to have listened to the advice not to drive to Hamburg today,” said a spokesman for the traffic control center on Friday.

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Appeal: Commuters should work from home if possible

Commuters were strongly advised to use local public transport or work from home. Unnecessary trips should be avoided. Apparently these warnings worked.

Recommendation: Drive around the area extensively

If you do have to drive, Autobahn GmbH Nord recommends that you drive around the area by taking the A1 (Bremen-Lübeck), the A21 (Bargteheide-Bad Segeberg) and the B205 (Bad Segeberg-Neumünster). The inner-city diversions will take place from the Hamburg-Heimfeld and Hamburg-Volkspark junctions: Drivers traveling south should follow the “Elbbrücken” signs at the Hamburg-Volkspark junction via the B4 to the A1 and A7. Heading north traffic at the Hamburg-Heimfeld junction is routed via the U7 detour. Port traffic coming from the south can follow the required diversion U21 towards the port at the Hamburg-Heimfeld junction.

Possible alternative routes towards the city center

Motorists traveling south from the A23 can exit at the Pinneberg-Nord junction and reach destinations in western Hamburg via the Westring/L103. Coming from the north, drivers can reach Hamburg city center by taking the Schnelsen-Nord exit and driving via the airport bypass B432, B433 and the Alsterkrugchaussee. You can also exit at Hamburg-Schnelsen and get to the city center via Kollaustrasse.

VIDEO: A7 bridge demolition: Monday traffic should roll again (2 min)

Noise protection tunnel should be ready by 2028

The Altona noise protection tunnel, a good two kilometers long, above the A7, which will then be expanded to eight lanes, should be completed by 2028. In connection with the construction work, there had already been two full closures on the A7 in Hamburg for several days in July.

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