A27: truck accident with scary factor – pig heads spread on the road

District of Verden
Truck accident with scary factor on A27 – pig heads spread on the road

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An accident between a truck loaded with pig heads and a second truck caused a full closure on the A27 in the Lower Saxony district of Verden.
“We were alerted at 1:07 this morning to a traffic accident. Two trucks involved, each with a person trapped in each vehicle. We were represented in large numbers after our alert and equipment. There was a female person trapped in a vehicle. She was not trapped, we were able to free ourselves relatively quickly. The second driver was very severely trapped in the deformed passenger cell.”
As a result of the collision, the loaded pig heads spread out on the road. The police initially blocked the A27 in both directions at the Verden-Nord junction on Tuesday night, as a police spokeswoman said. According to a fire department spokesman, the course of the accident was still unclear early Tuesday morning. According to the information, the fire brigade was on site with around 50 forces.

An accident involving a truck loaded with pig heads caused a full closure on the A27 in the Verden district. The accidented cargo made for a spooky sight in the meantime.

Because after a truck accident on the Autobahn 27 in Lower Saxony, numerous pig heads were distributed on the road, the road had to be completely closed. As the police in Verden announced, a 53-year-old driver of a truck left the roadway on Tuesday night near the Verden-Nord junction and collided with the central barrier and a bridge pier.

The food truck came to a standstill on the roadway and lost part of its load on the roadway, including the pigs’ heads. The man had not loaded any live animals. According to the information, a 65-year-old driver of another truck could not brake in time and therefore collided with the transverse truck.

A27 completely closed after scary accident

The 53-year-old was trapped and the fire brigade had to rescue him. He was seriously injured, the other driver suffered minor injuries. Both men were taken to hospitals. The two vehicles were no longer drivable and had to be towed away.

The Autobahn 27 was completely closed. The salvage work and the closure in the direction of Hanover should last until the afternoon, the lane in the direction of Cuxhaven has already been released again. The statics of the damaged bridge must therefore also be checked. According to the police, the total damage amounts to around 400,000 euros.


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