a young woman injured with a knife in the street in Nantes

Nantes, 09/05/2010 The SENGHOR bridge with pedestrians, motorists and cyclists – © Fabrice ELSNER

She was walking under the Senghor Bridge, between the Île de Nantes and Saint-Sébastien, when the assault occurred early Tuesday morning. A 19-year-old woman was picked up by firefighters around 7 a.m. after being stabbed in the abdomen, police reported. Hospitalized, her life is not in danger. She was incapacitated for more than eight days.

An investigation was opened by the police to find out more about the still unclear circumstances of this attack. According to the victim’s initial statements, an individual put his hand on her shoulder and she “stepped back in fear”, before realizing that she had been injured. Found at the scene, the knife was placed under seal. The attacker fled.



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