A young Marseille fan with cancer attacked with his family in the stadium boxes

AC Ajaccio quickly published a statementtitled “Vergogna [Honte, en corse] to condemn the attack that occurred on Saturday evening in its François-Coty stadium. Kenzo, an 8-year-old Olympique de Marseille supporter, was attacked with his parents when he was the guest of the president of Air Corsica and the Rotary Club. Suffering from cancer, the young boy had come to Corsica to meet the OM players there, during the last day of Ligue 1.

“The dream quickly turned into a nightmare when Kenzo and his parents, who came in the colors of Olympique de Marseille, were shamefully abused by individuals who broke into their dressing room, explained the ACA. Alerted, the security of the club intervened. Kenzo and his family were taken care of by the club’s services and accompanied to the changing room area so that the child could fulfill his dream. »

Two opposing versions

The Corsican club, 19th in L1 and which will play in Ligue 2 next season, has announced its intention to file a complaint “as soon as the individuals have been identified by our services”. According to relatives of Kenzo and the president of Rotary interviewed by Corsica Morning, the boy and his family were jostled, beaten, and his OM jersey was snatched from him and then burned. For his part, a member of the group of Ajaccio supporters of Orsi Ribelli, assures that the father was the only one to be hit and evokes provocations.

This sordid incident is not isolated, since tensions also enamelled the pre-match, with racist insults against Marseille supporters, and the post-match. A France 3 journalist was assaulted by Marseille fans at a gas station near the stadium. He was injured in the face, and his equipment was damaged. Friday evening, the day before the match, four minor injuries had been identified in clashes between rival supporters.

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