A wolf shot near Cluny to protect a herd

A wolf (illustration). – SANTUCCI / ZEPPELIN / SIPA

The animal had been wanted for several weeks. A wolf, located last month in the region of Cluny (Saône-et-Loire), was shot Tuesday evening to protect a flock of sheep, said the prefect of Saône-et-Loire overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday. , Julien Charles. According to breeders, the animal had killed four lambs last weekend.

“The predator was killed by an agent of the mobile brigade for intervention on large predators, a service of the French Office for Biodiversity” (OFB), said the prefect in a press release. The animal, known as the “wolf of Clunisois”, was slaughtered on the territory of the municipality of Flagy, “as part of a defensive shooting operation on a herd of protected sheep”, added the prefect. .

Wolf plan triggered in mid-May

The prefecture of Saône-et-Loire had indicated on May 17 that it had triggered the wolf plan after the detection of this animal in the department. OFB experts had confirmed the presence of the wolf after analyzing photos taken the previous days, using devices placed in the town of Flagy. The prefect then assured the breeders of his support and recalled that the protection of the herds “constitutes a compulsory prerequisite for the issuance of authorizations to carry out defensive fire”.

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