A victory and promises to launch the re Textor – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (Brest 2-4 Lyon) – Football

Full of doubts before the World Cup and during its preparation, Olympique Lyonnais began the John Textor era with a convincing success in Brest (4-2) on Wednesday.

Cherki and OL had a great time!

Late on its schedule and in the hard on the first part of the season and during its preparation, Olympique Lyonnais sent a message to the competition by winning with Brest style (4-2) this Wednesday at the occasion of the 16th day of Ligue 1.

Despite a less mastered second period, Les Gones, 8th in the standings, showed a very promising face for 45 minutes.

Logically OL

Very experimental, the OL defense was afraid to enter on a strike from Honorat which went over. Despite this scare, Laurent Blanc’s men got into the game well and monopolized the ball while showing themselves to be particularly technically accurate. Bizot was quickly brought in by Cherki then Tet, while Lacazette missed the target from close range. Confident in their game, OL logically ended up taking the lead on a caviar from the striker for Caqueret (0-1, 21st).

Lyonnais with character

Paradoxically, after taking the lead, the Lyonnais suddenly showed great defensive trepidation. Under pressure, the Gones trembled for the first time on a close range recovery from Mouni who spun just aside. Then the punishment came on a diverted free kick from Pereira Lage which equalized (1-1, 28th). But the visitors had resources and immediately regained the advantage on a small number from Cherki (1-2, 32nd). In the crowd, Lacazette scored the break goal from the penalty spot (1-3, 35th sp). Before the break, Bizot still had to save the furniture against the striker, but it was only postponed and Tet folded the match on the return from the locker room (1-4, 49th).

Lyona raises her foot

At least that’s what we thought. Except that, in the end, OL began to suffer again over the course of the second half, retreating more and more and Brest once again managed to achieve their high point. After finding the bar, Mouni reduced the score with a header (2-4, 73rd). The Lyonnais reacted again instantly, but this time Bizot intervened to deprive Toko Ekambi of a magnificent goal and Brest, 17th, pushed again thereafter, in vain. We will have to wait before saying that these Gones, who will host Clermont on Sunday, are definitively cured.

The score of the match: 8.5/10

In this festive period, the two teams delighted us with a match rich in goals and twists and we did not see the 90 minutes pass. Very fair technically, the Lyonnais enjoyed themselves, like Cherki and Caqueret, just like Del Castillo opposite. All in a very lively atmosphere. Thank you gentlemen!

The goals :

– Following a long cross from Lukeba, Lacazette inherits the ball in the area and temporizes against Brassier before serving at the far post Caqueret who emerges and finishes in the empty goal (0-1, 21st).

– On a free kick full axis, Toko Ekambi deflects Pereira Lage’s shot with his elbow and puts it out of reach of Lopes down on his left (1-1, 28th).

– After a full center punch, Caqueret launches Cherki who hooks Brassier in front of the area and continues with a shot stretched from the left to the penalty spot (1-2, 32nd).

– On a badly repelled ball, Caqueret performs a recovery in the area diverted from the arm by Chardonnet. Penalty! Lacazette transforms it by taking Bizot on the opposite foot (1-3, 35th sp).

– Launched the limit of offside, Toko Ekambi crosses the other end of the field for Tet who concludes at the far post close range (1-4, 49th).

– On a corner from Del Castillo, Mouni wins in the air and beats Lopes with a lobed header (2-4, 79th).

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Maxence Caqueret (7.5/10)

Author of the first goal of his career in Ligue 1, the Lyon midfielder is involved in the first three goals of his team since he launches Cherki on the second and obtains the penalty of the 3rd. These stats reward an impressive first period of activity with forward throws that broke opposing lines and delicious technical accuracy. Less in sight after the break. Replace the 81st minute with Moussa Dembl (not not).


Marco Bizot (4): with six saves, notably against Cherki and Tet at the start of the game, then against Lacazette before the break and Toko Ekambi at the end, the Brest goalkeeper allowed his team to avoid sinking, but the Dutchman nonetheless conceded 4 goals…

Noah Fadiga (4): not really challenged, but few good interceptions and above all an offensive contribution that is too discreet for the right side. Replace the 75th minute with Christophe Hrelle (not noted).

Brendan Chardonnet (3.5): despite several life-saving interventions in the area, the central defender has too often gone through and he makes the mistake by countering Caqueret’s shot with his arm before the break to concede a penalty.

Lilian Brassier (2): the central defender lived through a nightmare evening from start to finish. Erased by Lacazette on the opener and put in the wind by Cherki on the second goal, the Breton played badly and covered the Lyonnais on the last opposing goal. Hard…

Jean-Kevin Duverne (4): the left side finished the match better, with a significant offensive contribution in the second period. Still, the Breton never managed to close his lane against the Kumbedi-Tet duo.

Mahdi Camara (4): often late, the midfielder was not up to par in the midfield battle despite some interesting projections. Replace the 67th minute with Hugo Magnetti. (not not).

Haris Belkebla (4.5): generous, the Algerian managed to slow down a few offensives and scratch a few faults, but the midfielder was generally overwhelmed.

Mathias Pereira Lage (5): author of a goal full of success from a free kick, the attacking midfielder also tried to give air to his team with several outings with the ball at the foot which broke the lines thanks to his technical qualities. Replace the 67th minute with Islam Slimani (not).

Romain Del Castillo (6): against his former club, the attacking midfielder has clearly established himself as the best player in his team. Technically fine, the Brestois managed to make a difference by breaking the opposing lines. He failed in the last gesture but he still made a decisive pass from a corner. Replace the 84th minute with Axel Camblan (not not).

Steve Mouni (5): renowned for his heading game, the striker showed his reputation by scoring the last goal of this prolific match from a corner. Author on the other hand of a big rat 1-1.

Franck Honorat (4.5): intermittently, the winger managed to offer good balls to his attackers, but the latter misused them, like Mouni, and the Lyon defenders kept watch… Replaced in the 76th minute by Karamoko Dembl (not not).


Anthony Lopes (5): beaten twice, the helpless Lyon goalkeeper had a frustrating evening. With intelligence, however, he lets Mouni’s shot hit the bar without touching it for the hour mark.

Sal Kumbedi (6): holder for the first time, the young right side surprised his world. Very comfortable technically, the Gone had some great things to say during the first act. More contributed by Duverne then, he fought well.

Sinaly Diomande (5): Eaten by Mouni in his duel on the second opposing goal, the central defender sometimes lacked sharpness in his interventions despite an overall satisfactory performance.

Castello Lukeba (5.5): still as solid in the duels, the central defender imposed his power on the opposing attackers and repelled the danger several times. His long opening initiates the first goal.

Damien Da Silva (6): surprise holder at the left side position, the usual central defender was strangely satisfactory, with several saves in his area, especially against Honorat in the second period. Also behind OL’s last goal.

Maxence Caqueret (7.5): read the comment above.

Corentin Tolisso (6.5): in the shadows, the midfielder did a remarkable job of recovering to relieve Caqueret of defensive tasks. Author of many good spurts and precious in his ball outings, the Gone made a promising comeback. Logically spared because of his repetition glitches and replaced in the 58th minute by Johann Lepenant (not not), returned to a less favorable period for the Lyonnais.

Tet (6.5): very active at the start of the game, the winger embodied OL’s technical accuracy. If Bizot checks him from the start, the Brazilian takes his revenge by scoring on the return from the locker room. Perhaps slightly less prominent than his attacking partners. Replace the 81st minute with Thiago Mendes (not not).

Ryan Cherki (7): holder for the first time of the Laurent Blanc era, the attacking midfielder knew how to get his pin out of the game. wisely, and he made many differences, like this center for the head of Lacazette. Promising. Replace the 70th minute with Romain Faivre (not).

Karl Toko Ekambi (7): with a large space to cover on the entire left side, the winger let his fairly remarkable volume of play be admired. Just in his passes, the Cameroonian notably initiates the second goal before sending a marvelous decisive pass Tet on the last of OL.

Alexandre Lacazette (7): decisive passer on the opener and author of the 3rd goal on penalty, the striker was very inspired in his calls and his orientations of play and he combined marvelously with his partners. With more realism, especially on his header at the start of the game, the Rhone captain could even have scored more.

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BREST 2-4 LYON (mid-time: 1-3) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 16th day
Stadium: Stade Francis-Le Ble, Brest – Referee: Bastien Dechepy, France

Goals : Mathias Lage (29th) S. Mouni (72nd) for BREST – M. Caqueret (21st) M. Cherki (32nd) A. Lacazette (35th, pen.) Tet (49th) for LYON
Warnings : B. Chardonnet (34th), Mr. Camara (38th)for BREST – Mr. Cherki (31st), Mr. Caqueret (44th)for LYON

BREST : Mr. BizotB.Chardonnet, L.BrassierN. Fadiga (K. Dembl, 76th), J.DuverneMr. Camara (I. Slimani, 67th), H. Belkebla, Mathias Lage (H. Magnetti, 67th)R. Del Castillo (A. Camblan, 84th), S. Mouni, F. Honorat (C. Hrelle, 76th)

LYONS : anthony lopesS. Diomande, C.LukebaS. Kumbedi, D. Da SilvaC. Tolisso (J. Lepenant, 58th), Mr. Caqueret (Mr. Dembl, 81st)Mr. Cherki (R. Faivre, 70th)Tet (Thiago Mendes, 81st), K. Toko EkambiA. Lacazette

The Lyonnais end 2022 in style.

Cherki scored Brest points.

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