A vandalized and desecrated chapel in Quiberon

It was a parishioner who saw the extent of the damage and gave the alert on Sunday afternoon. Over the weekend, the Saint-Julien de Quiberon chapel in Morbihan was the target of acts of vandalism and desecration, reports The Telegram. Inside the place of worship, all the crosses have been turned upside down, a statue of the Virgin Mary topped with a red electric light, a broken ex-voto and a fire extinguisher emptied into the holy water font. Several other objects were also vandalized.

“It is for me the expression of absolute evil and stupidity”, reacted the mayor Patrick Le Roux, questioned by the daily. Gendarmes, accompanied by a scientific team, went on site to carry out the observations of use and to take samples from the prints left. A complaint must also be filed by the parish of Quiberon this Monday afternoon.

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