a Toulousain judged for having unduly received 15,000 euros of RSA

In front of the Toulouse police officers who questioned him, he pleaded that he was not familiar with computers, not enough in any case to update his professional situation on the site of the Family allowance. A 37-year-old man has just received a summons to appear in court for benefit fraud. The investigation concerning him was opened last June after a complaint was filed by
departmental council, who pays the
RSA. By cross-checking, the community services realized that this beneficiary had in fact a professional activity, and therefore resources, from the opening of his rights in 2016 until mid-2020. And that he would therefore have improperly received 15,000 euros in service.

Before filing a complaint, the departmental council proposed to the respondent a repayment schedule extending until April 2025. It is because he suffered a refusal on this amicable process that he opted for the criminal complaint.

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