A special state visit: Pope Benedict in Freising – Freising

Pope Benedict in Freising


“We just said, we can do it.”

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Thousands cheered Pope Benedict XVl. on September 14, 2006 when he drove in the popemobile across Marienplatz through Freising city center up to Domberg.

(Photo: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/dpa)

It was a very special day for Freising when the late Pope Benedict returned on September 14, 2006 to the place where he was ordained a priest in 1951. As head of the public order office, Peter Mitterhofer only had six months to organize the state visit with a guest at risk level one. A conversation about not enough sleep, nerve feeding and stuck manhole covers.


Birgit Goormann-Prugger, Freising

Peter Mitterhofer, then 43, was head of the Freising regulatory office when the late Pope Benedict XVI. ended his six-day trip to Bavaria on September 14, 2006 with a visit to Freising. The passage through Freising took almost an hour, past cheering crowds. After a mass in Freising’s Mariendom, Benedict was brought back to the airport and from there to the Vatican. The preparations for this short visit, which was not planned at all, took months. Today, Peter Mitterhofer is the head of the Freising registry office and looks back.

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