A soccer player hits a volunteer referee and ends up suspended for 25 years

It is a very severe sanction which was inflicted by the New Aquitaine football league to a 22-year-old member of the Réole club. He will not be able to participate in league matches for twenty-five years, the heaviest sentence before the radiation for life, explains the daily Sud-Ouest.

In reaction to racist remarks made on the sidelines of the match on October 2, 2022, the young man struck the referee. The latter was himself expelled from the club for having held these insulting words.

Third half altercation

It was on December 13 that the regional appeal committee of the New-Aquitaine Football League rendered a decision that was heavier than the first instance, which recommended depriving him of land for eleven years. The 22-year-old dismissed went to the referee during the third half to hold him to account after his racist comments. When it comes to blows, it is other players who must intervene to put an end to the altercation.

The next day, the doctor who examines the injured referee grants him a day of total incapacity for work (ITT). The president of the La Réole club regrets that the young licensee did not file a complaint for racist insult.

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