“A show to see who will crack, and how! “… They are waiting for the Macron-Le Pen debate

Macron-Le Pen, second. Stock. This Wednesday evening is the return match, the revenge. The two candidates for the prestigious seat of President or President of the Republic will enter an arena they know well, having faced each other there in 2017. Inevitably, the battle to come attracts its share of spectators, and our readers are not not the last to look curiously at our two suitors. Even if the interests diverge a little depending on the person to whom we are speaking.

And go to the show

Well, already, there are those who, like Frédéric, are there for the exercise in style and for the confrontation itself. The communication professional rightly remarks that “the programs of the candidates are known, even if we can perhaps have details on such and such a point. In fact, his interest is more directed towards “a small sentence, a lively exchange, a gross error” which could then have an impact at the polls. Even more, Francis is there to attend “a show to see who will crack, and how! »

Many of our readers are waiting to see if Marine Le Pen, who considers the first debate a failure, has learned the lessons of 2017. Johan will be watching to “find out if Mrs. Le Pen will be ridiculed a second time. ” No more no less.

In fact, it matters

But this debate is not just that. Even if the gap has tended to widen in recent days, it is much lower than it was in 2017. And for some, if voting Macron was obvious five years earlier, it is far from be the case today. Suddenly, this debate takes on a whole new importance for those who, like Benjamin, no longer know which saint to devote themselves to: “It will have a real impact on my vote, like never before. Today, I am completely lost… The debate will be decisive in making a choice like many people around me. This is not a debate like any other. »

Same story for Sabrina, who “expects a lot from this debate. It even goes a little further than that. “He will determine which name I will put in the ballot box, if I choose to put one. I’m eagerly awaiting it! “, she says.

There are those who will not look

For other of our readers, the interest is limited, and some will skip their turn. Vicente, Mathieu, Catherine… They have all already made their choice, and what happens tonight will have no influence on the name that will appear on their ballot. So they won’t look. Or from very far away.

Alice won’t turn on her TV either, but not for the same reasons. “I will not watch this ‘debate’, from the moment the channels agreed to let these two people choose who had the right to interview them”, she says in reference to the sidelining of Anne- Sophie Lapix. Our reader wonders: “If even before being elected or re-elected, they allow themselves this, what are we going to live for five years? » More than a few days before knowing it.

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