A sharp decline in toy purchases caused by inflation, according to a retail boss

With the approach of Christmas, the large distribution is worried. Toy purchases have fallen by “20% in general” and by “10% at System U”, assures the microphone of France Info Dominique Schelcher, president of the retail chain’s stores.

The boss believes that the increase in the price of toys has impacted “the purchasing decision” of consumers, in a context of inflation. In addition to toys, chocolate sales are also collapsing, specifies the boss, not sure of being able to catch up with sales.

The French deprive themselves more and more

“People buy a little less, and particularly the most modest French people,” notes Dominique Schelcher, noting that many consumers are forced to leave a certain number of products at checkout.

“The phenomenon affects all products, perhaps a little more fresh products, because they are based on agricultural raw materials, which have been very strongly impacted by inflation in recent times”, notes the president of the stores. System U at the microphone of France Info. Meat is also one of the products often neglected by consumers, because of the price.

Last October, Michel-Edouard Leclerc also warned: with inflation, toys will cost more. “Some consumers will make arbitrations,” commented the president of the Leclerc group on BFMTV.

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