A second season always more “sea, sex and sun” on TMC

The Kretz board a new season of The agency. The family, specializing in luxury real estate, returns to TMC this Thursday to show the public properties valued at several million euros in places always more incredible than each other. “In season 2, we show different types of luxury, says Valentin Kretz to 20 minutes. It is not only because a good is expensive, it can be because it is stashed, without neighborhood, in the middle of nature. That is luxury even if it is not a good at 100 million euros. “

A house on the beach in Cap-Ferret, a chalet with a breathtaking view in Megève, a Louisiana-style residence in Normandy, the siblings are leaving this year on the roads of France. “The big difference with the first season is that we will not only see goods in Paris but also in regions because we have developed a lot there, reports Valentin. It brings a great diversity in terms of properties and heritage. “

Private and public life

Before the show went on the air, the Kretz were already keen to expand across the country. The broadcast of the program in September and October 2020 was a “springboard” without necessarily rushing things. “It made us want to develop and look for even more spectacular properties and take on increasingly large mandates, it’s motivating”, testifies Martin.

In addition to visiting unusual goods, TMC cameras continue to follow the daily life of the family, always halfway between professional and private life. If one of the issues concerns the recruitment of real estate agents for the expansion of the company, several sequences are devoted to the desire of Valentin and his wife to have a second child. “We are not actors and neither is it reality TV where the cameras are there every day,” he says. His brother Martin bids: “It was normal for us to reveal part of our daily life because we work as a family, it’s not a classic business. Now we don’t show everything ”.

Establish contact quickly so as not to miss the best

Participate in the second season of The agency does not require a daily investment but over the long term. In total, it took eight months to box all the episodes. “We try to shoot as much as possible on sunny days because it’s still sexier when the weather is nice than when it’s raining,” confesses Valentin. However, having the opportunity to visit exceptional properties is not an opportunity that arises every day, hence the amplitude of the shoot.

On the other hand, real estate agents must make sure that the clients to whom they are showing the property are okay with being shown on the small screen. “We feel with our clients when they are open to being filmed in their research,” explains Martin. It all depends on the relationship we have forged with them. In general, they trust us. Although they do not immediately ask their clients if they agree to be filmed, “you have to ask the question fairly quickly, otherwise you are missing out on the best. And when the TMC crews aren’t around, the show’s magic does work anyway: with the first season, the Kretzes were able to sell two goods to viewers.

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