a probable feminicide followed by a suicide in a village near Toulouse

The English sexagenarian found dead on Sunday in her house in Boudrac, south of Toulouse, was probably killed by her husband before he hanged himself. This thesis, already favored by the gendarmes, was reinforced by the results of the autopsies. “At this stage of the investigation, we have all the elements corroborating the thesis of a feminicide, namely that Mr. strikes, strangles this lady then ends her life”, indicated Christophe Amunzateguy, the prosecutor of Saint -Gaudens, for whom it would not be “not a consented suicide of both”.

The autopsy confirmed that the 65-year-old woman must have been killed on Thursday, April 21. The letter left by the husband and reporting financial difficulties leaves little doubt about the drama that played out in this house where the couple rented guest rooms and which he had acquired a year ago and half.

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