A Prince Albert house wall in royal Coburg? Is not desired. – Bavaria

For a given reason, it has to be reminded once again. Actually, these Windsors, who are always so much a boo, would be perfectly normal Coburcher. Okay, the queen on the island is deliberately not called Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, even if that would sound charming. But please, there are reasons that have little to do with the dynasty!

It was just like this: Even in the First World War, from the British perspective, the Germans did not behave in such a way that their origin there should have been considered particularly glorious. But as is well known, Prince Albert couldn’t do anything about that, this lovely husband of Victoria, who was born and bred in Coburg.

Of course, it was unbearable when Gotha-type bombers were sighted in the airspace over the island. And of course nobody in Upper Franconia thinks even remotely of blaming the royals for taking the delightful “Saxe-Coburg and Gotha” off the doorbell, stamping a house residence name on it and now passing it around the world as the “Windsors”. . And not as, well, the Coburchers.

However, a bit of historical soreness should still be allowed, especially since the royals have not been particularly keen to personally pay tribute to the old relatives in upper franconia (a certain Carl Eduard Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was instrumental in ensuring that Coburg became the first German Nazi city, that may play a certain role).

Whatever the case, it should now be remedied, finally! No royals in Coburg, okay, but a larger-than-life mural of the royal couple – Queen Victoria and, heh, Prince Albert – on Albertsplatz (!) would be something. A private owner would even donate the facade painting, how superb. And what does a city councilor say in the building senate? The picture reminds her of the final scene of “Dinner for one”. Wall paintings are always welcome, but not on a monument. Rejected.

Now signatures are being collected, Coburg is fighting for the royal couple. It would be even nicer if the people of London could be proud of their Royal Albert Hall – and the people of Coburg not even of a beautiful Prince Albert wall.

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