A phishing attack that impersonates Uniswap V3 and has at least $4.7 million stolen in ETH.

A group of hackers has been found to have carried out a phishing campaign that impersonates the Uniswap V3 liquidity pool (LP) and steals at least $4.7 million worth of Ethereum (ETH). However, the community is reporting losses that could be even greater.

Harry Denley, a security researcher at Metamask, was among the first to raise the alarm for an attack. It told his 13,000 Twitter followers on July 11 that 73,399 addresses had sent malicious ERC-20 tokens to steal their assets.

ETH Lost At Least $4.7 Million In Attacks, According TopostTwitter from Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, however, has been reported among the crypto community that there may be more losses from the intrusion.

Crypto Twitter user 0xSisyphus noted on July 11 that a “large LP” of approximately 16,140 ETH worth $17.5 million was also subject to phishing.

According to Denley, phishing attacks work by sending A “dangerous token” called “UniswapLP” is given to users, which appears to be derived from the correct “Uniswap V3: Positions NFT”.

deceived user They are taken to a website that claims to allow them to exchange new tokens for Uniswap legacy tokens.value$5.34 each at time of writing

Instead, the website sends the user’s address and browser client information to the attacker. Instead, they try to steal cryptocurrency from their wallets.

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