A pair of doubles disqualified for a ball sent (unintentionally) in the head of a collector

We can tell you. We didn’t have our eyes fixed on the yet exciting court 14 of Roland-Garros this Sunday, for a match in the 3rd round of the ladies’ doubles. The duel between the Czech-Spanish pair Bouzkova – Sorribes and the Japanese-Indonesian team Kato – Sutjiadi ended very oddly, with a disqualification of the seconds.

They were leading 3-1 in the second set, after a first set loss (7-6) when the incident occurred. At 30-30, Miyu Kato, placed at the net, returned a ball that had landed seconds earlier in the net. Her backhand was executed calmly and without power, but it landed in the head of a pick-up, who then began to cry.

Sorribes baraka

After a moment of hesitation, and Kato’s apologies, the young girl left the court, and the referee announced the disqualification of the Kato-Sutjiardi duo, under the whistles of the public. It was then the Japanese player who burst into tears, consoled by her partner.

Bouzkova and Sorribes slip quietly into the quarter-finals. The Spaniard is also still in the singles race: she must face the Brazilian Beatriz Haddad Maia in the round of 16, after having benefited from the package of Elena Rybakina in the 3rd round.

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